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About Voice Your Care

BPO agents are strivers. They work hard because they want to excel. It helps them, and it helps other people as well. But their line of work also makes them predisposed to getting sick.

That is why Johnson & Johnson and the Department of Health partner for Voice Your Care. This program will help every call center agent make better decisions to improve their health.

Designed for every BPO agent, Voice Your Care is here to make their health better, more inspiring, and allow them to excel in their field. Voice Your Care is a health mindset — and a platform.

In this program, Johnson & Johnson and the Department of Health, partners of the industry, and BPO agents share quality healthcare information, experiences and stories with the overall vision of helping every BPO agent live a healthier and more vibrant life so they can always be at their best for those who depend on them.

Watch the video here.